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Flooring Solutions (27)

We promote the best and the most leading brands in flooring solutions. Our Product range includes Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Swissfloor, Laminate Floorings, Forest Vinyl Floorings, Wallpapers and Area Rugs.
Flooring Solutions

Fabric Solutions (4)

We promote products from one of the largest vertically integrated mills in India, producing jacquard decorative fabrics for drapery, upholstery, wide width sheers and embroidery.
Fabric Solutions

Floor Art (1)

If you are in search for something creative and sophisticated for your living-room floor, we might just have a solution.

Items starting with F

Fibre Pillow

Fibre Pillow

Springwel Fibre Pillows are filled with highly flexible hollow fibre to give you unmatched comfort. A very fine channel of air running through the length of the hollow fibre, gives approximately 15% more volume than solid fibre. 

Forest Vinyl Flooring

Forest Vinyl Flooring

Recommended for areas having dense traffic such as offices, hotels and residentials.