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Flooring Solutions (27)

We promote the best and the most leading brands in flooring solutions. Our Product range includes Carpets, Carpet Tiles, Swissfloor, Laminate Floorings, Forest Vinyl Floorings, Wallpapers and Area Rugs.
Flooring Solutions

Fabric Solutions (4)

We promote products from one of the largest vertically integrated mills in India, producing jacquard decorative fabrics for drapery, upholstery, wide width sheers and embroidery.
Fabric Solutions

Wall Solutions (7)

Wallpapers give a true, aesthetic and vibrant look to your walls. In a range of themes and designs ! Wallpapers get applied in hours. Your office, home or store can be renovated between today and tomorrow.
Wall Solutions

Window Solutions (8)

Whatever the products you are looking for window, just contact us, and we will offer you our the best service & the high quality products, in very reasonable prices. Home Decor offer Wide Range of Window Dressing Products and Interior Products.
Window Solutions

Comfort Solutions (45)

Comfort is something which does not come without your approval. Undoubtedly, a person hunts for the most comfortable position in life, the most comfortable job, the most comfortable holiday, the most comfortable environment to sustain in.
Comfort Solutions